Project Description


  • IFE
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Item No.Description
N1Cooling water IN
N2Cooling water OUT
N3Process/barrier medium IN
N4Process/barrier medium OUT
N5Cooling circuit vent
N6Cooling water drain
N7/N8Process/barrier circuit vent
  • Cooling capacity up to 36 kW
  • Installation can be done either in a
    vertical or a horizontal position
  • For optimum and simple cleaning, the
    heat exchanger can be dismantled
  • Compact design of tubular heat
    exchanger with integrated guide
    plates alongwith extremely efficient
    cooling capacity
  • Designed for varied applications due
    to construction in stainless steel
    allows flush with a suitable solvent on
    the process/barrier medium side
  • Chemical industry
  • Oil and gas industry
  • Petrochemical industry
  • Power plant technology
  • Refining technology
  • PED 2014/68/EU (Design and production in
    accordance with EU Pressure Equipment
    ASME VIII, Div. 1 (Design, calculation and
  • Cleaning:
  • Cooling water side: the area around the tubes can
    be cleaned mechanically after the housing is
  • Process/barrier medium side: flush with a suitable
  • Circulation in accordance with API 682 /
    ISO 21049: Plan 21, Plan 22, Plan 23,
    Plan 41
  • HED designed heat exchanger is
    employed to cool process/barrier fluids in
    seal supply systems.
  • Construction of the vessel is in a tubular
    design with integrated guide plates, the
    process/barrier medium is directed
    through the shell of the HED and the
    cooling medium through the tubes.