Project Description


  • QCT3111
  • QCT3111
  • QCT3111
  • Simple and reliable operation is achieved due to
    automatic setting of the barrier pressure
    through reference pressure
  • Barrier pressure is achieved without any need
    for connection to a nitrogen supply source
  • Hassle free maintenance of simple and quick
    cleaning is achieved in operation as the housing
    can be dismantled
  • Modular design combination available with a
    wide variety of system components possible
  • Optimum level of monitoring is achieved due to
    the protective pipe made in borosilicate glass
  • Safe operation even in case of pressure
  • Sockets are designed with recessed gasket to
    avoid contamination of the circuit by thread
  • The function of the PBS system is similar in principle
    to the BFS system. The difference is that the
    barrier pressure is created by the reference
    pressure without any additional superimposition of
    nitrogen. The pressure booster is for storing and
    cooling the barrier fluid. Pressurization is by means
    of a piston in dependency on the process/medium
    pressure. Automatic pressure increase in
    accordance with the transmission ratio.
  • Refining technology
  • Oil and gas industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Petrochemical industry
  • PED 2014/68/EU (Design and production in
    accordance with EU Pressure Equipment
  • ASME VIII, Div. 1
    (Design, calculation and production)
  • Circulation in accordance with API 682 / ISO
    21049: Plan 53C
  • PBS system is employed for applications in
    sealing systems with a wide variety of
    operating parameters for supplying quench
    buffer fluid to double and tandem mechanical
    seals. PBS system is equipped as a standard
    with all the necessary system connections
    and brackets. Modular design combination
    available with a wide variety of system
  • The maximum operating pressure of the PBS
    system applies to the housing of the pressure
    booster, i.e. the process/medium pressure at
    the connection must be lower and is
    conditional on the transmission ratio.